Schule für Sozialbetreuungsberufe

Raabser Str. 49 3580 Horn

The  school for social work
is situated in Horn. At the "SOB", we have 3 main focuses, our students can choose.

These are:                               - geriatric care
                                                 - social facilities for the handicapped
and our new main focus:       - family work.

Our education is subdivided in 2 categories.

   the theoretic part           the on - the - job - training  


Our schooling takes all in all 6 semesters. The practical part enfolds 1.195 hours, what have to be absolved in:

                                   320 hours at a hospital
                                   320 hours at a retirement-home
                                   160 hours at the home-care-sector
                                   395 hours at the elected main focus

 Extract from the Statutes of Organisation – as amended in 2012 – of the College for Social Care Professions


College for Social Care Professions (statutes in the narrower sense, curriculum, report forms, examination rules) re-issued (as amended in 2012):



The result of the training at the College for Social Care Professions is described with the following 14 competencies in the Statutes of Organisation:




Learning Area 1: Person and Profession


C1 - Personal Competency:

Student has the competency to reflect on his/her own development as a person, is able to deal with himself/herself in a self-assured and reflective way and has a wide range of modes of expression.


C2 - Social Competency:

Student has an appreciative attitude in dealing with others (e. g. colleagues, clients ...) and partners in the system and is able to work well together in professional actions.


C3 - Reflective Attitude:

Student has the competency to reflect on the professional actions and to develop the attitude and identity as social caregiver further. 


C4 – General Working Techniques:

Student has the competency to apply general, professional techniques of working, learning and use of media in a professional way.


Learning Area 2: Persons in Care and their Areas of Living


C5 – Recognizing-Understanding-Acting:

Student recognizes the needs of the persons in his/her care as well as the physical, mental and social changes, understands their behaviour and is able to act appropriately.


C6 – Stimulation and Facilitation of Development Processes:

Student has the competency to recognize development potential and to stimulate and to facilitate development processes by using various, individually adjusted methods.


C7 – Supporting Self-Determination:

Student orients himself/herself on people's resources and facilitates/supports a self-determined way of living, working and shaping daily life, education and recreation.


C8 – Recognizing the Need for Help and Responding Adequately:

Student has the competency to recognize an individual's need for help, to arrange for the appropriate response measures and to take into account their effects.


C9 - Cooperation with Clients/Environment:

Student cooperates with the people in his/her care and involves them and their environment into the decision, responsibility and support.


Learning Area 3: Concepts and Methods


C10 – Knowing Concepts and Adhering to Principles:

Student knows theoretical and practical concepts and modes of conduct for working with people who require support, and when applying them, takes into account the principles of inclusion, integration, normalisation, self-determination and empowerment.


C11 – Applying Methods Efficiently:

Student knows methods and techniques of social care and is able to apply them in a way that is targeted to the person and the situation.


Learning Area 4: Structures and Framework Conditions


C12 – Knowing the Framework and using it:

Student knows the statutory and professional framework conditions and is able to use the opportunities arising from them to best advantage. 


C13 – Keeping Track of Social Developments:

Student keeps track of the current developments in the society and in social politics which affect the work of a social caregiver and the living conditions of the clients.


C14 - Knowing the Services Available and using them:

Student knows the services available in his/her working environment.